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Height:  (Approx.) 5-10 inch.
Group:   Southern
Weight: (Approx.) 1-7 lbs
Coat:    Short and Smooth;Long and Soft
Head: Deer, narrow muzzle or Rounded, “apple-dome” skull, with a short muzzle. Eyes: Set wide apart,  full and dark in color. Ears: Large and erect. Neck: Slender and  slightly arched. Chest: Deep, but not barrel shaped. Ribs are  well-sprung. Body: Back is level, straight and as short as possible.  Legs: Forelegs are straight, fine and set well under the body. Hind legs  are positioned well under the body, with bent hocks. Feet: Small, with soft pads and toes separated, but not spread. Tail: Medium length,  carried upward, low, or curled over back, but never tucked. Movement:  Smooth flowing gait, with graceful movements. Temperament: Alert, and a  good family pet.
*The Chihuahua is the smallest dog in the world  & comes in 2 varieties; the Long-coated & the Short-coated. The  breed is alert & an excellent house pet. 
Things To Consider Before You Purchase A New Puppie
  • Puppies Cry, they are a lot like little babies. They have never been alone. They have always had their litter mates or at least their mother. Chihuahua puppies always do better in pairs.
  • Puppies must eat 3-4 times a day at the very least. If your puppy does not look full, then they are not eating enough. If your puppie has lost their spunk, then they are not eating enough. 
  • Puppies should not be taken to dog parks or anywhere that has a large volume of unknown dogs.
  • Puppies can and will break if you step on them or drop them. Puppies will jump from places higher then they should. Chihuahua puppies should never be left anywhere higher then twice the puppies height at its shoulders with all four legs on the ground.
  • Little kids should always be watched when playing with any puppie or small dog. Because children can sometimes be to rough and possibly hurt their new friend.
  • Puppies will chew on things. If you do not give them something to chew, then they will chew on what they find.
  • Puppies will bite when they are playing. They have to be taught that biting is not OK. When this happens, put your puppie on its back and firmly tell them "NO!".
  • Never let your puppie decide how things should be, you are it's leader and owner. You must teach your new puppie rules and boundaries, just like a small child needs to be taught. What may be cute now as a puppie, may not be cute once they are an adult dog. So start training early.
  • For help with puppie training please seek a local trainer. Also please read your comprehensive puppie care guide, Included with the purchase of your puppie for more information and tricks for training your new puppie.
Puppy supplies you will need
Please gather supplies Before you pick up your puppie.
One mistake new puppie parents make after picking up their new puppie is going right to the nearest pet supply store to get their supplies. Smaller breed such as Chihuahua's get stressed very easily. Combined the stress's of leaving their litter mates and mother with going to a public place and hearing and seeing tons of new things is a recipe for disaster.If encountered by another dog, eight to twelve week old puppies haven’t received all of their boosters yet and exposure to diseases like Parvo and Distemper can be very dangerous.
Below is a link with a list of items to gather before your scheduled puppy pick-up appointment.
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