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Purchasing Your Puppie
     Your Puppie Comes With 
  • CKC Puppie Registration Papers
  • Florida Health Certificate
  • First Set of Shots
  • Puppie Starter Pack
  • Free trial pet insurance
  • One Year Health Guarantee
Our deposits are to ensure that you have the opportunity to get the puppie you want. Our deposit price is $100.00. Our deposits are transferable but not refundable. If you put a deposit on a puppie then decide not to finalize the purchase, your deposit will not be refunded, but can be transfered to another puppy that is available.This is because,while we hold the puppie for you no other prospective purchasers are allowed to view your puppie. If you change your mind at the last minute this makes it more difficult to place the puppie in another home.
Accepted Payment Types
We accept cash, money orders, credit cards, debit cards. We also offer payment arrangements. All credit and debit card purchases will be processed through PayPal. For using PayPal there is a (3.3%) sales tax, to cover the processing fees. All payments must be cleared and processed before you can take your new friend home.
We ship anywhere in the Continental US. We use Continental Airlines to ship our puppies. The total cost of shipping is $250 this includes; cost of airline ticket, airline approved puppy kennel, handling fees and cost of gas. Your puppie must be paid in full including shipping cost before your puppie can be shipped. All payments must be cleared and processed before we can book your new puppies airline ticket.
 Our Contract
Please feel free to download a PDF copy of our contract for you to review before placing a deposit on one of our puppies. A copy of our contract must be signed and faxed or mailed to us before pick up or shipment of your puppy. Just click on the link below. If you have any questions regarding this contract please feel free to contact us.
Puppie Starter Pack 
The Puppie Starter Pack is included with the purchase of your puppie, this pack will be given to you upon full payment and pickup or shipment of your puppie.                 
Puppie Starter Pack
  • Comprehensive Puppie Care Guide
  • Purina Pro Plan® Brand Puppie Food Coupons
  • Purina Pro Plan® Brand Puppie Food Sample Bag
  • Toy (dependent on what is available)
  • Puppie collar
Trial Details
  • No obligation to purchase
  • A 30 day free trial Insurance is included with the purchase of your puppy
  • Covers 90% of your veterinary bill for accidents and illnesses, within 30 day period
The Trupanion Advantage
  • Covers 90% of your veterinary bill
  • One simple plan
  • No payout limits
Please remember to take the certificate with you to your dog’s first veterinary examination. Once the trial is activated by you online or by phone, your pet will have 90% of each veterinary bill covered, if he or she gets sick or injured within the 30 day trial.
This trial is meant to showcase Trupanion’s product and reinforce the importance of enrolling in a pet insurance plan while your pet is still young and healthy. There is no obligation to purchase a plan, and the trial will not ask for any billing information. After the trial is over, you will have the opportunity to enroll and continue coverage and take advantage of Trupanion’s pet insurance policy with no payout limits.
With Trupanion, pet insurance has never made more sense. You can reduce the uncertainties that a new dog brings with this special offer provided with the purchase of this dog. Trupanion covers 90% of your veterinary bill if an accident or illness occurs, including coverage for hereditary and congenital disorders. Trupanion even offers a flexible deductible option which allows you to find a premium that fits your budget, once the free trial is over.
Please note: Pet insurance coverage does NOT automatically start immediately after purchasing your puppy. You must enroll with this offer and receive a confirmation email containing a copy of your pet’s policy documents to have active coverage. This trial does not cover any pre-existing conditions that either showed signs or symptoms or were diagnosed prior to activating the trial.
Refer-A-Friend Program
If you are an existing customer of ours please take advantage of our 
Refer-A-Friend Program. Earn $25 for any referral that leads to the purchase of one of our puppies. Even better news, your friend or family member will also earn $25 dollars off their purchase! So get busy spreading the word.
If you have any questions or concerns about the information above please feel free to contact us at any time.
Thank you!